The difficult second album

"The regulatory zone must depend on the consent of those affected by it. This is essential to the acceptability of the arrangements nder which part of the UK accepts the rules of a different political entity. It is fndamental to democracy. We are proposing that the Northern Ireland Assembly should have the opportunity to endorse these arrangements before they enter into force, that is, during the transition period, and every four years afterwards. If consent is not secured, the arrangements will lapse. The same would apply to the single electricity market, which raises the same principles. We are proposing that all customs processes needed to ensure compliance with the UK and EU customs regimes should take place on a decentralised basis, with paperwork conducted electronically as goods move between the two countries, and with the very small number of physical checks needed conducted at traders’ premises or other points on the supply chain." "You won't fool me again, there is no sanity clause dealing with the DUP."

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