Mechanical Meitheal

First-person accounts of the history and development of software localisation efforts in the Irish language, in the open source world and also in proproietary formats. A 45 minute documentary by Gerard Cunningham with support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Sound+Vision fund, first broadcast on Dublin South FM.

Panel choices

What goes into choosing a panel for a radio programme? RTE producer Kay Sheehy outlines some of the constraints at Hearing Women’s Voices, an event organised by the National Women’s Council of Ireland, 10 November 2015

Icecream on Bunglas

Icecream on Bunglas, what better way to pass a sunny day? The final edit of a radio package on Pat McShane, ice cream salesman on Sliabh Liag in Co Donegal. The clip was broadcast on RTÉ’s Today programme with Sean O’Rourke.